WWCC: Anna Ushenina Told Who is Helping Her From Kharkov

Время публикации: 25.11.2012 20:10 | Последнее обновление: 25.11.2012 21:12

After defeating Ju Wenjun on the tie-break the finalist of the Women's World Championship Anna Ushenina came to the press conference. 

In connection with Silvio Danailov's promise to visit Khanty-Mansiysk in order to support Bulgarian finalist Stefanova, the editor-in-chief of Chess-News asked Anna if anyone from Ukraine is going to do the same. Anna said she doesn't know anything about that.

Ushenina also said that although she is alone in Khanty-Mansiysk, she gets help from GM Anton Korobov who is in Kharkov.

The first game of the final match Stefanova - Ushenina will start the day after tomorrow at 13:00 MSK Time.
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  • After beating Antoaneta Stefanova in the 3rd game of the Women's World Championship, Anna Ushenina of Ukraine came to the press conference. She was as usually quite laconic in her commentaries. 

  • Anna Ushenina became the second participant of the Women's World Championship who gained a point in the first classical game the day after the tie-break. Ukrainian's opponents were more than serious. Earlier she defeated Anna Muzychuk, while today she beat Natalia Pogonina. Thus, our editor-in-chief asked her if she has any secret recipe for preparing to the game after the tie-break.

  • А.MAKSIMOV: Good evening, I just connected to GM Anton Korobov and of course my choice wasn't accidental. As you already know Anna Ushenina, who at some point made a big stir at the Women's World Championship, mentioned that Anton is helping her during the competition. Apart from that she also comes from Kharkov and is of the same age as Anton.

  • The semifinal between Ju Wenjun and Anna Ushenina at the moment can be considered as the most uninteresting encounters of the Women's World Championship. None of their classical games reached its logical end, while today the Chinese offered a draw on the 18th move. 

  • Only one game of the Women's World Championship semifinal was decisive. Harika's usually solid play was ruined today, she played way too inaccurately which was used by her opponent Antoaneta Stefanova. 1-0 in Bulgarian's favor. 

  • The first game of the Women's World Championship final started quite unsuccessfully for Anna Ushenina of Ukraine. As a result of an unexpected opening Ukrainian faced the Carlsbad structure and played inaccurately. According to Ushenina she made a mistake by exchanging on e4: 20.Bxe4 - it had to be done earlier.

  • Silvio Danailov arrived at Khanty-Mansiysk and observed the shortest game played between the Women's World Championship finalists Anna Ushenina and Antoaneta Stefanova. The draw was agreed on the 17th move. 

    Photo - chess2012.ugrasport.com

  • We will host Anna Ushenina, the new World Champion, on the air of our radio on Monday, December 3 at 21:00 MSK Time. Leave your questions in the commentaries. Please specify your name. 

  • No Russian player continues fight for the Women's World Champion title

  • Ju Wenjun is the only Chinese player left in the Women's World Championship. Today she beat her compatriot Huang Qian in a tie-break. Another Chinese Zhao Xue has lost her tie-break against Harika Dronavalli and will leave Khanty-Mansiysk. Two Chinese coaches Yu Shaoteng and Je Jiangchuan will stay in the city to help Ju Wenjun. This was announced by her at the press conference.