Anton Korobov: "Anna Has a Huge and Not Fully Fulfilled Potential"

Время публикации: 25.11.2012 23:04 | Последнее обновление: 26.11.2012 01:28

А.MAKSIMOV: Good evening, I just connected to GM Anton Korobov and of course my choice wasn't accidental. As you already know Anna Ushenina, who at some point made a big stir at the Women's World Championship, mentioned that Anton is helping her during the competition. Apart from that she also comes from Kharkov and is of the same age as Anton.

So, Anton do you know her well? Are you two connected anyhow? I mean, maybe you've been attending the same chess school or had the same coaches? 

A.KOROBOV: I know her well. In general we aren't connected by anything. Well, she just works in the same field with 64 squares, but we don't interact that much. We've been attending the same Kramatorska chess school though. That's it.

A.MAKSIMOV: Did her performance in Khanty-Mansiysk surprise you? How can be explained her result?

A.KOROBOV: That's a hard topic, I mean Anna's performance. I was more surprised by her games than by the results. For example, her game against Nadezhda Kosintseva. Any, even a great chess player would be happy to be the author of this game. That's fabulous.

A.MAKSIMOV: Today Anna mentioned that you have been helping her during the competition. What do you say?

A.KOROBOV: Yes, we've been working hard with Anna before the championship, Gennady Krugovoi, our sport chief in Kharkov, initiated that.

A.MAKSIMOV: How would you evaluate her play? Isn't it strange to see the finalist with 2450 rating?

A.KOROBOV: Well, that's a very hard question. Women's chess is always kind of exorcism... in the finest sense of the word. This is what I can state: Anna has a huge and not fully fulfilled potential.

A.MAKSIMOV: It seems that Anna has made the least mistakes at this competition. If for instance, Antoaneta alternates brilliant moves with blunders, Anna's play looks like Petrosian's style... Do you agree?

A.KOROBOV: I don't think so. Her style is closer to Reshevsky's play in his heyday. That's combination of universalism and optimism, energy and the instinct of the bloodsucking killer.

I can only wish Anna luck in the final. It's all in her hands, including the victory.

A.MAKSIMOV: What do you think of today's tie-break?

A.KOROBOV: Today's tie-break was a Klondike for those missing some grey hair. Anna demonstrated great preparation in the 1st game and brought the game to the conclusion. In the 2nd game, it was Chinese player's turn to do the same, she ventured to sacrifice the exchange and then found a very strong 28.Nh6!. But then she just couldn't cope either with her nerves or with time. Alas? Hurrah?!!!


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