One Evening From Anna Ushenina's Life

Время публикации: 01.12.2012 22:42 | Последнее обновление: 01.12.2012 23:57

The evening started with handshaking without eye-contact. This is the very moment when Anna became the World Champion.

The picture for the FIDE President's Twitter page.

Then was the press conference. Immediately after the match Anna got a phone call from someone; the FIDE President assistant passed her the phone.

In five metres from Anna: Ilyumzhinov shares his impressions on the match with the loser's side. 

No matter what they say, but the policeman supported "our player" in the final. Now he asks Anna for an autogaph. 

"When else I will have a chance to stand near the World Champion?, - the policeman shook his head. - Surely never!"

First interview of Anna as a World Champion.

The closing ceremony held in the Yugra-Classic center was really modest...

The tables at the ceremony were also unpretentious, however, each had a special detail.  


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