What Is Fair? Sergey Karjakin on Tie-Breaks

Время публикации: 15.12.2012 02:47 | Последнее обновление: 15.12.2012 02:50

"I have always considered the personal encounter to be the only fair indicator in round-robin competitions. If Grandmasters drew against each other - the tie-break should be organized, but when, let's say, we finished the game in a draw and someone is named the winner according to Berger or any other quite subjective indicator - that looks like a work of a devil," - Sergey Karjakin wrote in his blog on the website. GM shares his impressions on the recent Grand Prix Tashkent in which he shared first with Wang Hao and Alexander Morozevich, but surpassed them on a tie-break.

"Thanks God I won against Morozevich which allows me to consider myself a full-fledged winner. In my mind, it's fair to give first to all players who scored the same amount of points as it happens at Tal Memorial for instance, or hold a tie-break as it is usually done at the Superfinal of Russian Championship."

Karjakin remembers how tense was the tournament in Tashkent and continues with his thoughts about China where the World Mind Sports Games is taking place these days.

"I arrived to China earlier to acclimatize and I have already managed to make some shopping, walk a lot and take a picture with the imperial cat."

"In the end I want to say that I miss my friend Vugar Gashimov; what a great time it was having walks with him here in last year. Unfortunately, he has some health issues now. I hope he will manage to recover soon and return to chess. We miss you a lot Vugar and we keep fingers crossed for your quick recovery."


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