Any Plans For the End of the World?

Время публикации: 20.12.2012 02:11 | Последнее обновление: 20.12.2012 02:27

Don't miss the final of the game "The smartest way to Zurich"

One of the End of the World events scheduled to happen on December 21 will be celebrated live on Chess-News: each of you will be able to follow the final of the big game organized by Chess-News "The smartest way to Zurich." That's easy to remember: December 21, 21:00 MSK Time.

As we've already reported five participants of the game qualified for the final. Those are: Alexander Martynov (St. Petersburg), Igor Kolmakov (Tel Aviv), Oleg Rakhmilevich (Nikolaev), Anton Gubanov (St. Petersburg), Anton Rakhmilevich (Ashdod).

The finalists will be asked questions by the moderator. They will have 2 minutes to answer. The participant who will give a special sign faster than others will be given the right to answer. The overall topic of the game hasn't changed: chess and Switzerland. The player will get 1 point for each correct answer. He who will be first to gather 6 points will be announced as the winner.

Attention! An independent controller will be placed by side of each participant. He will ensure the game is fair. Сheating is forbidden.

Don't miss a chance to witness the unique event in history of chess on December 21 at 21:00 Moscow Time. 


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