Sergey Karjakin: "Carlsen Has a Hors Concours Status, but I Hope Once We'll Compete in the World Championship Match"

Время публикации: 20.12.2012 23:06 | Последнее обновление: 20.12.2012 23:08

"Carlsen has a hors concours status, but I still hope that once we will compete in the World Championship match, - Russian Newspaper cites Sergey Karjakin. - Well, that's not going to happen the day after tomorrow, but we're of the same age, both have 22 years and I hope that soon our competition will become as interesting as the one between our great predecessors Karpov and Kasparov."

"Fabiano Caruana of Italy is also worth of mentioning, - Karjakin added. - He entered the top-10 players' list swiftly and gained some important wins. He defeated Carlsen, Kramnik and me. He is a very hard-working and talented GM, in addition he is 2 years younger than Carlsen and I. One should be careful with him and try not to lose sight of him."

Russian Grandmaster made a summary of his year:

"This was a very successful year for me. I won yet the most important title in my career - I became the first ever World Rapid Champion. Almost in none of the competitions I have finished lower than the prize-winning place. At the end of the season I made the first step towards the 2014 Candidates tournament. I managed to win a crazy race in Tashkent. I will take part in another three stages and I hope to qualify for the Candidates tournament exactly through Grand Prix."    


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