Emil Sutovsky Mournes the Loss of Aeroflot Open "After a Long and Serious Illness"

Время публикации: 22.12.2012 21:11 | Последнее обновление: 22.12.2012 21:14

GM Emil Sutovsky reacts on the changes announced in Aeroflot Open 2013 festival organised by the Russian Chess Federation: 

"The sad news has arrived from Moscow. The famous Aeroflot Open has died out after a long and serious illness.

A whole generation of top players has grown on this tournament [...] I have participated in it for several times and my performances were mostly successful. I even managed to win this, one of the strongest competitions in the world, in 2005.


Now everything will change. There will be five playing days: rapid and blitz. the participation fee was continually raising in the last few years (actually, quite reasonably). Now 90% of the participants will be Russian, but maybe exaclty that was Russian Chess Federation's plan...

The festival will remain the name, it will be Aeroflot Open - that's a brand after all; and even those who think classical chess dies out understand that.

I still have this feeling that the whole era has passed. Is a new epoch born? I'm harried by doubts..."


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