What Was Aeroflot Open?

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Loss of pupularity? GMs' opinions differ

The discussion around Russian Chess Federation's decision to make Aeroflot Open only rapid and blitz event continues in the Internet. We have already reported on GM Sutovsky's "obituary" for the competition and Ilya Levitov's commentary, who quoted sponsors: "The classical tournament is boring, miserable and useless for our company."

This was commented by GM Khalifman: "Do the sponsor really understand the difference between 1,5 hours game and 20 minutes game? Well, well..."

GM Alexander Evdokimov: "Aeroflot Open was losing popularity, there were less participants and interest. Pity to lose this tradition, but I'm sure that this [new] format will attract a lot of strong players, who wouldn't participate in it in format of Open..."

GM Andrei Devyatkin disagrees with Alexander Evdokimov: "In the last "A" Open there were seven players, including Caruana and Tomashevsky, with the rating +2700. Where do you see "the loss of popularity and interest"?"

Mikhail Krasenkov: "I was always against of such lottery like tournaments as Aeroflot. I never wanted and I've never participated in it, so it's not pity for me at all (although some Polish colleagues may disagree with me). Will the lottery be played in rapid and blitz - the better; actually the stake (expenses+time) will lessen. Of course, that won't have anything in common with chess... well, whatever."

GM Sutovsky: "It was enough to score +2 in Aeroflot to cover expenses."

Krasenkov: "Participation in a "casino" like tournament (either you will be lucky and win it or just fail losing time and money) IMHO is humiliating for the professional chess player, it doesn't support creativity. Well, it may be individual though."

Khalifman: "In my view, the fact that in all other Swiss tournaments you should outplay 2-3 (as a minimum) players with the rating 2000-2300 in order to play against a strong player doesn't support creativity at all. That's a boring obligation. You don't have that in Aeroflot and exactly that is why I, maybe not only I, liked it."

Sutovsky: "Of course Sasha! Aeroflot was a round-robin for 50-70 players whose average rating was from 2580 to 2680 depending on the successfulness of their performance."

GM Emil Sutovsky gained one of the most important wins in his career by winning Aeroflot Open 2005

Alexander Khalifman participated in all Aeroflots, moreover, he lost only once in 11 tournaments...

Gata Kamsky one of the elite GMs who participated in Aeroflot Open

Ruslan Ponomariov was also among the participants

Le Quang Liem has won Aeroflot Open twice in 2010 and 2011

Looking at this picture (that is Marina Romanko - repeated participant of Aeroflots) makes the fact even more upsetting. Was the classical tournament really so "boring, miserable and useless?"


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