Alexey Dreev: "Classical Chess Loses Popularity Under Pressure of Computers"

Время публикации: 25.12.2012 01:24 | Последнее обновление: 25.12.2012 01:39

As long as the final rapid tournament of Grand Prix Russia was postponed by one day although the participants have arrived timely, December 23rd was fully dedicated to cultural events. Apart from two simuls held, the European Rapid Champion Alexey Dreev and the Champion of Russia in classical chess Dmitry Andreikin met the local players. Dmitry Kryakvin, one of those holding the simul, describes that in his report.

Noteworthy is Alexey Dreev's reflection regarding "classical chess vs. rapid chess" topic.

"What differs rapid from classical chess? In classical chess 20-30 moves made by the players aren't their own. Not in every game, but in most of them. The recent encounter Jakovenko - gelfand is the best example of it. Dmitry decided to check his opponent, Boris forgot the theory on 41st move! Classical chess loses popularity under pressure of computers... This process has already started, but not everyone pays enough attention to it. Rapid is more entertaining. You should have preparation, but you don't have time to learn all that variations by heart! So, the one whose overall chess skills are stronger - wins. I consider this to be fairer. It's absolutely wrong to think that rapid chess is not objective! Only the strongest wins in it. You may play a classical game against the opponent whose rating is 2200, but who has memorized what Houdini has advised him, while rapid shows who is who immediately. What is more important, in rapid the role of computers goes down!"

Here's what Dreev answered on a question regarding deepness of his analyses:

"Depends with whom you are comparing. Let's say, Vishy Anand with his team, or Sergey Karjakin if talking about Russia. Sergey's preparation is focused on computer preparation. He has assistants who do analyze with the computer. Actually that's just a huge work, hard labor, hellish work. I've done that as long as I've been helping different players. Those analyses may be just endless. The main problem is how to memorize all that. At least that's a problem for me. There are people with exceptional memory who have a huge advantage against others. As Garry Kasparov had once. Well, of course I write down some variants, but only to a definite point in analyses, not to absurdity!" 


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