That Was a Fair Fight

Время публикации: 30.12.2012 19:20 | Последнее обновление: 30.12.2012 19:20

Yesterday was full of emotions. Thanks again Ian, Mitya and Sasha for the tournament. Grischuk played brilliantly and it was a pleasure to play against him in Armageddon.

I don't really feel comfortable to go to all lengths, but I didn't break the rules; the organizers may introduce the increment after 61st move in order to avoid such situations in future.

I respect my opponents and I had no intention of offending anyone. I would like to have increment after 61st move in future, because that'd help to avoid misunderstandings. I don't see anything shameful in the fact that I wanted to win and played till the end. That was a fair fight.

I will also take this opportunity and wish all the chess fans, journalists and my colleagues - GMs a Happy New Year. I wish you good health, success and fulfilment of all your plans in the New Year.  



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