Alexey Dreev Thinks There's No Need In the New Chess Title, Otherwise "We Will Come to Blows"

Время публикации: 03.01.2013 23:43 | Последнее обновление: 03.01.2013 23:47

GM Alexey Dreev shared his opinion regarding the possibility of introducing the new chess title "supergrandmaster" on the air of Chess-News radio:

"You know we will all just "come to blows." Some will say their past achievements should be counted, others will argue only current achievements are important. All that smells fishy. There are quite specific criteria indicating the players' strength - that is the rating. Why in the world you need anything else?"

Dreev also added that the titles aren't that needed at all:

"Having the title is not that important. For instance tennis - do they have any special titles? Not really, there's World No.1 player and the player who is 100th in the list. It's the same in chess, but as long as we have such a tradition, let's just keep it. Let them [traditions - CN] live, why should we break them? That doesn't sound that bad, but it's definitely not the most important problem now, that's just a try to avoid discussing some other more important issues." 


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