Majority of Chess-News Readers Think the Books on Chess Openings Are Still Needed

Время публикации: 07.01.2013 23:46 | Последнее обновление: 08.01.2013 00:06

More than 500 readers have answered our poll in which we were asking if books on chess openings are still needed today. More than 80% of the visitors gave an affirmative answer.

Both points of view were represented in the commentaries to the poll. Namely, GM Mikhail Golubev noted that "books on chess openings in fact are one of the most needed types of chess books." The coach Alexander Shetinin thinks that the players of Class B "don't need books on chess openings at all", "you can reach the title of candidate master by studying annotated games collections with the commentaries of brilliant chess players", "only later, on the way to the title of IM, one should selectively study literature on chess openings created not by careless, but by the reliable authors; it's even better to check the computer database and look through the latest games."       



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