The Venue of Moscow Open May Be Changed If the Number of Participants Will Continue Growing

Время публикации: 01.02.2013 22:49 | Последнее обновление: 01.02.2013 22:57

The participants of the Moscow Open went through the mandatory accreditation today. The opening ceremony of the main events is scheduled for tomorrow, while today the organizers held the press conference.

The editor-in-chief of Chess-News asked the organizers about the venue of the festival. It's clear that RGSU lecture halls are not designed for holding the chess events; some GMs refused playing at the festival exaclty because of this.

The Director of the tournament Alexander Kostyev as well as the President of the Moscow Chess Federation Vladimir Palikhata practically admitted the existence of the problem in their answers. "If the number of participants will continue growing, we will be forced to seek for a new venue for the tournament, - Kostyev explained. - However, we should understand that another place is connected to different expenses; RGSU offers the lecture halls for free. Nevertheless, we don't expel other possibilities."

At the end of the press conference the draw was held. The rating favourite of the main event Ian Nepomniachtchi arrived at RIA-Novosti specially for it.

On Vladimir Palikhata's offer to choose the hand Ian said "the right one". As long as GM didn't point on any of the hands, the Head of the MCF asked GM to specify which hand he means. Nepomniachtchi said he means his right side. After some hesitation Palikhata showed his left hand in which he had the black pawn.  


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