Moscow Open: Rauf Mamedov Hasn't Met a Serious Opponent Yet

Время публикации: 04.02.2013 19:34 | Последнее обновление: 04.02.2013 19:35

The Moscow Open is in full swing and although some of the rating favourites in Group A have lost points in the first rounds, in general the competition becomes more and more entertaining. GM Rauf Mamedov who is perfect after three rounds confirms: "I haven't met a serious opponent yet." According to the international arbiter Eduard Dubov, the competitions in Swiss format can be interesting from the very start if all the participants will be divided into four parts instead of two.

In the interview to the official website of the festival Rauf Mamedov noted that he traditionally participated in the Aeroflot Open for the last eleven years. After the classical Aeroflot has been closed, Azerbaijani decided to play in the Moscow Open for the first time ever.

"I was quite skeptical at it first. This is like the first test after the New Year. I was scared of so many playing rooms - if your play is unsuccessful you find yourself in the furthest room at the end of the corridor. However, in reality it turned out to be quite nice. The tournament is well organized, the hotel is nearby. ... Pity the classical Aeroflot Open is closed. Now we have only rapid and blitz. I would really like the old format of that excellent tournament to be back."

In Round 3 Mamedov defeated Harika Dronavalli of India as Black on Board 1.



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