It's Early to Say Goodbye

Время публикации: 10.02.2013 22:58 | Последнее обновление: 10.02.2013 23:02

Arkady Dvorkovich awarded the Moscow Open prize-winners (PHOTOS)

The closing ceremony of the Moscow Open took place in RGSU today. It wasn't visited neither by Kirsan Ilyumzhinov, nor by the President of the Moscow Chess Federation Vladimir Palikhata who was reported to be ill. Instead the winners were awarded their prizes by the Chairman of the RCF Supervisory Board Arkady Dvorkovich and the famous skater Nikolay Gulyayev. 

Boris Savchenko took clear first in A-Group, Ian Nepomniachtchi finished second on a tie-break, Pavel Maletin became third. 

Marina Romanko won in the women's section for the second year in a row. Less known players Tatiana Khlichkova and Lidia Tomnikova took second and third respectively. 

Evgeni Sveshnikov was the strongest among veterans.

Anastasia Savina finished first among the student WGMs.

The former rector of RGSU Vassily Zhukov expressed regret in regard to the fact that the next festival will most probably be held without Arkady Dvorkovich, "Perhaps, he will be at the Olympiad in Sochi," Zhukov said. Arkady Vladimirovich responded it's not clear yet, "Please remember I have a completely different job. I'm not participating in the Olympic Games and it's unlikely I will be sent there for the entire period of the Games, so it's early to say goodbye to me."  


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