And What About Russia?

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It was clear with the Ukrainian team - the draw in the last round was enough for it to take gold, so we can only congratulate the team with this success.

And what about Russia? Before the last round of the Women's World Team Championship Sergey Rublevsky's wards had theoretical chances of winning silver, while the chances of winning bronze were pretty high. In order to lose bronze Russia should have lost Ukraine 1-3  or even worse, while Georgia had to defeat Kazakhstan (one should say a tricky team) 4-0. So, does the last round draw mean Russian team just got scared?

In the meanwhile the winners have been awarded. WWTC 2013 is closed. 

Ju Wenjun, Kateryna Lahno and Valentina Gunina were the strongest on Board 1

Irina Krush surpassed both champions on Board 2 (as we've mentioned she has defeated both)

The situation on Board 3 turned out to be more complicated: Tan Zhongyi was first, Mariya Muzychuk second, Natalia Pogonina and Lela Javakhishvili finished third having the same result even on a tiebreak.

Natalia Zhukova was the best on Board 4. She was followed by Guo Qi and Mary Ann Gomes

Best among "reserved" players - Girya of Russia took first, Melia of Georgia became second, Indian Soumya - third

Mikhael Khodarkovsky and Irina Krush told how the American team is organized. Interview soon on Chess-News.


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