Anna Ushenina: "It'd Be Much More Interesting If the Rivals Played in Their Strongest Team-Compositions"

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Е.SUROV: The women's world champion Anna Ushenina has now won the title as the member of the Ukrainian team. How does the "twofold" world champion feel?

A.USHENINA: I wouldn't say "the twofold" - earlier we have already won the Olympiad, we took award winning places at the European and World Championships, so this win wasn't that surprising for us. Anyways, it is of course very pleasant to win the championship with your team.

E.SUROV: Would you connect your success in Khanty-Mansiysk with the win in Astana?

A.USHENINA: I wouldn't actually. We have a strong team, but it should be noted that Russian and Chinese teams didn't arrive in their strongest composition, I guess in that case it would be more intriguing and much more interesting.

E.SUROV: What's the Ukrainian secret of success?

A.USHENINA: There's not any secret. All the girls just played pretty well. Sometimes the team is strong, but some player is not in her best shape. This time we managed to show a stable performance.    

Е.SUROV: You played on Board 2. Did you discuss that before the tournament? I mean sometimes the world champion asks for the first board.

A.USHENINA: No comment.

E.SUROV: A lot of chess fans are interested if anything has changed in your life after you became the champion. 

A.USHENINA: Yet nothing has changed. Of course, if not taking into account attention.

E.SUROV: Kirsan Ilyumzhinov tweeted you got a flat. Did you?

A.USHENINA: Perhaps, he was too fast announcing that. The process is underway though.

Е.SUROV: Does that mean you are waiting for that?

A.USHENINA: Yes, but at the moment I haven't got it. 


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