Magnus Carlsen, "The Privileges of the World Champion are Not Fair"

Время публикации: 04.04.2013 19:38 | Последнее обновление: 05.04.2013 22:55

Our London based correspondent Maria Yurenok had an opportunity to talk to the winner of the Candidates tournament GM Magnus Carlsen together with other journalists despite being promised to have a tet-a-tet conversation. Maria still managed to ask him several questions.   

М.YURENOK: I have some questions from Chess-News readers. One of the main questions they are asking is what do you think about the tie-break situation in this tournament. Do you think it was fair the way it happened? Do you think it would be fairer if there was a tie-break played with Kramnik, or maybe even a proper classical match?

M.CARLSEN: I think it would not have been a bad idea to play a rapid match probably we would be playing it today like in the world championship matches. I think people knew what the rules were and they have to follow them. Perhaps another time they will be different. I guess this time I didn't really care whether I won by an inch or a mile. It's not always pretty."            

М.YURENOK: Have you thought about employing the services of a doctor like Aronian for example? He seems to think that helps him.

M.CARLSEN: Well, it didn't this time, did it? I don't know I haven't thought about that too much perhaps, eventually it wouldn't be a bad idea.

М.YURENOK: What do you think about the current system of selecting the candidates, the tournament to decide the challenger and also the final [world championship] match? Do you think it's the best way as it is right now or would you possibly try to change it in future?

M.CARLSEN: I still think that the privileges of the world champion are not fair. As for the system, I think that the round-robin system is good, because that gives the strongest players better chances to win. If you want to have a world champion who sits on his crown for two years then you have to have a serious system to choose a challenger. And this is a good one."


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