Veselin Topalov's New Rating Enters the Updated FIDE Official Rating List for May

Время публикации: 01.05.2013 00:05 | Последнее обновление: 01.05.2013 00:25

The updated FIDE rating list for May has been published. The major news is that the updated list includes the results of the Zug Grand Prix which has finished just today. Earlier FIDE wasn't notable for such efficiency

Finishing first with 8/11 Veselin Topalov gained 22 ELO points. Now his rating is 2793 which made him the fourth player in the world after Carlsen, Aronian and Kramnik.

In women's list there aren't any fundamental changes. Polgar is first, Hou Yifan second and Koneru third.


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  • The World Chess Federation has published its May 1st rating list. The biggest change in the men's list is Viswanathan Anand moving into second place with a rating of 2804. Magnus Carlsen's rating has also been raised due to his success in Shamkir - he is now at 2876, just six points below his own record. In third is Fabiano Caruana, with 2803. The last of the top ten is Levon Aronian on 2776. 

  • Hikaru Nakamura had previously been over 2800 in the live ratings, but on the latest official monthly FIDE rating list, he has passed this barrier for the first time. The American's new rating on 1 June is 2802, fourth position in the world. He is two points behind Anand, three behind Caruana and 74 behind rating list leader Magnus Carlsen. 

  • Soon after the New Year came according to Moscow Time, FIDE has published the rating list for January 1st.

    The top of the list wasn't surprising for those following live ratings: Magnus Carlsen has a record breaking 2861, Kramnik has 2810. Levon Aronian is third with 2802 rating points, while Teimour Radjabov is fourth with 2793. Fabiano Caruana maintained 5th place with 2781. The World Champion Vishy Anand is 7th.

  • The gold medal obtained by Kramnik with the Russian team at the World Championship cost him several individual ELO points. He moved to the 4th place in the rating list being surpassed by Hikaru Nakamura, who is now 3rd int he world. Topalov is 5th losing Kramnik only two points.Carlsen maintains lead with 2872 rating points. Check out the FIDE rating list for January, 2014.

  • The official world rating list for November 2014 has been published at the official FIDE website. The top 10 hasn't changed much: Magnus Carlsen is #1 with 2863 Elo points, Fabiano Caruana is the 2nd with 2839 (the distance between him and Carlsen has increased a bit since October), Veselin Topalov is next to Caruana with 2800, and so on.

  • FIDE rating list for December 1st has been published. Magnus Carlsen keeps the top position, but his rating dropped to 2834 - last time it had been lower than that four years ago, in November 2011. Meanwhile, the Women's World Champion Mariya Muzychuk flew up the list, being third for the first time in career.

  • David Navara's new personal record is perhaps the most significant change in the April FIDE rating list, compared to the previous month. The Czech GM has 29 games counted for April 2015 (European Championship, Reykjavik, and the national Extraleague played last autumn) and is now occupying the 18th world rank with 2744.

  • FIDE has published the rating list for October 1st. According to it Sergey Karjakin overtook Vishy Anand and has the same rating points as him - 2780. Moreover, the World Champion is placed after the Russian player; now Anand is seventh.

  • A year has passed since Judit Polgar announced the end of her chess career and during which she has not played a single official event. Now, under FIDE rules, her name has been removed from the FIDE rating list, leaving Hou Yifan unchallenged as women's world number one.

  • The FIDE website has published the official October rating list, in which Fabiano Caruana is only 19 points behind Magnus Carlsen (2844 for the Italian vs 2863 for the world champion). Veselin Topalov has 2800 again as in good old times; he occupies the 3rd rank, while Alexander Grischuk who is the 4th still lacks 3 Elo points to enter the virtual 2800+ club. Levon Aronian went down to the 5th position, Vladimir Kramnik is only 11th.