Anatoly Karpov About FIDE Management: "Thanks to Them, We Have Lost at Least Twenty Years in the Development of Chess"

Время публикации: 15.06.2013 19:35 | Последнее обновление: 15.06.2013 20:26

Anatoly Karpov believes that sportive chess is experiencing a crisis.

"Without any doubt. Many factors have probably caused it, but the main reason are the flagrant errors that were made throughout the reform of the World Cup. It is evident that these new forms, knock-out systems, often generate a random result, and the public has lost all interest in them. Earlier, even Candidates Matches were a true event and the entire chess world was waiting for them. Take for example my match with Spassky in 1974. It caused as much interest as the World Cup, and now even the World Cup does not interest people, because many players, even at the highest level, cannot keep track of it and do not even know who the World Champion is. Even if we ask now one hundred grandmasters, only half of them would know the answer.

The thought to replace this team exists. This should happen one day, but unfortunately, the system of elections in FIDE is built in a way that make it very difficult... And it requires significant financial investment. The Chess Federation has mired in corruption and the electoral system "a voice per country" appears not to be efficient.  There should, perhaps, be given extra votes to those countries who have more players and representatives in the top level tournaments. Remember how earlier leading countries had more authority and more influence than it they have today, plus the controversial ultimatum Fisher. We may recall the FIDE Congress in 1975. Back then, the Virgin Islands had two votes, because there are the Virgin Islands, American and British, and the Soviet Union had one single vote, as well as the United States.

And as long as we have this management, they will be interested in the system that we have now. I have had the pleasure to participate in the elections. What can I say about them? Apart from blackmail and threats, purchase of voices.... We all know about these things. Although now, this system has evolved to its perfection. And it has to end sometime. The Chess Federation is one of the largest sports federations at all, 174 countries are involved. And what is happening right now, no criticism can defy it ", comments the twelfth World Champion to


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