How to Kill Fear For Life: Try a Bungy Jump From Macau Tower!

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GM Alexander Ipatov: "Three days ago I made the craziest thing in my life: I jumped from the world’s highest bungy jump platform of 233 meters! It is called the Macau Tower. Macau is one of the two administrative regions of China and in next posts I will be sharing stories and pictures from it. Also many posts about Hong Kong (just 60 km away from Macau) are coming. 

Here there are some photos of Macau Tower, how it looks from outside:

The cost of one bungy jump is about $400, but it is worth of it, because :

  • Macau Tower is the highest bungy jump in the world ;
  • It is safe: about 9-10 people are working during one jump (three guys up, two guys controlling the cable, two guys down and two guys recording the video)
  • Apart from the jump you get T-shirt (jumper’s collection) + certificate which proves you really did it + USB with video & photos in high resolution.

What was the reason to jump? I feel like I had more than few reasons to make that jump, for example:

  • To challenge myself and make my mind stronger :  «And obviously, from our own personal point of view, the principal challenge is a personal challenge.»          Richard Branson .   I’ve been thinking about that phrase and agree that there is no other way to grow as personality as constantly challenging ourselves and extending our limits!
  • To make the world understand that professional chess players are not only the guys who are spending all their time at chess board. Chess lacks of marketing nowadays so maybe this is one of the ways how to attract sponsor’s attention to chess : blitz game, jump, one more blitz game, jump, etc? It has no point for open tournament but could have some logic for top closed events.
  • To try completely new experience in my life.

I really hope, that similar extremal actions made by chess professionals could attract media’s attention. We have to admit, that our game is boring and we must look for unexplored ways how to get new sponsors and investors for chess.

Proving my words: my jump was mentioned (0,5 page) in South China Morning Post, one of the most popular newspapers in English in Hong Kong:

So here we go:

Перед прыжком надо подписывать специальный документ о том, что в случае несчастного случая у меня не будет к ним претензий. И если откажусь прыгать - деньги не возвращаются. А деньги немаленькие - 400 долларов!


Special thanks to Caissa Chess Club Hong Kong for sponsoring this jump and my stay in Macau!



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