Slovenia's #2 WIM Vesna Rozic Needs Your Help

Время публикации: 20.07.2013 19:44 | Последнее обновление: 20.07.2013 19:44

Chessbase informs Slovenian WIM Vesna Rozic was diagnosed with metastatic peritoneal cancer and asks for help to collect donations to pay for the treatment.

The player's father Adrijan Rozic:

"I turn to you with a request for a donation for the cancer treatment of my 26-year-old daughter Vesna Rožič. Vesna is a final year student of the Faculty of Medicine and a permanent member of the Slovenian chess team. In May this year she became seriously ill. The doctors diagnosed metastatic peritoneal carcinoma. Since Vesna is a fighter by nature, she has decided that we shall all work together to combat the cancer.

Vesna's treatment was initiated in Slovenia, where she has already received two cycles of systemic chemotherapy. This is not enough to cure the disease. We contacted the Medias Klinikum GmbH, Burghausen, Germany, where Vesna will receive further treatment. Doctors estimate that it will require at least three cycles of local chemotherapy. Each cycle costs between 15,000 and 20,000 Euros. These treatment costs are very high. We are able to pay for the first cycle of local chemotherapy in Germany, but turn to you and ask you to help us collect donations to pay the remaining costs of Vesna's treatment.

Maybe I did not say everything I wanted at the moment, but my distress and the hardship in our family is so great that I cannot do any better."

WIM Vesna Rozic (2260) has played in four European Championships and four Chess Olympiads. She is Slovenia's #2 player after Anna Muzychuk.


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