Sergey Karjakin and Alpari Prolonged the Contract For Another Year

Время публикации: 17.08.2013 21:56 | Последнее обновление: 17.08.2013 21:56

The company Alpari prolonged the contract with Sergey Karjakin for another year. Let us remind you, the sides started cooperation last year using "Let's bring the crown back to Russia" headline.

Karjakin's manager Mr. Zangalis thanks the sponsor for continued belief in Russian grandmaster.

"There were some concerns that the board of directors of Alpari would decide to stop cooperation as the company worked on many chess issues during the year. Moreover, despite the fact that Sergey won several supertournaments, it would be fair to note that his performance during the year wasn't as stable as the top GM's play should be. They turned out to be respectable people. They said it's not only about money and noted that as they have already promised to help in accomplishing the main goal, they shouldn't break it. The goal hasn't changed and i's again becoming the participant of the World Championship match..." 


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