FIDE Anti-Cheating Committee Member on Changes Chess Regulations Need

Время публикации: 03.10.2013 00:57 | Последнее обновление: 05.10.2013 19:44

Grandmaster Sergei Tiviakov talked to Juri Garrett, the meber of the FIDE Anti-Cheating Committee during live broadcast of the 6th Grand Prix stage.

Garrett told about the suggestion the committee is going to offer FIDE in order to make the fight against cheaters more sufficient. According to him, the arbiters' powers should be extended and overall getting closer to football judging style. "The referee keeps an eye on everything the players do, chess arbiters should judge tournaments with the very same attention. The arbiters should get more trainings to learn do the things they've never done before. The times when the referee could sit at his table from the start to the end of the round are gone," Garrett noted.

Italian also stressed the importance of the playing hall noting that it is a special place which has rules different from of the ones in everyday life, "If the arbiter wants to check your pockets or boots, you should let him do so and do not argue." 

As to electronic devices, Garrett compared this problem to having alcohol, "We should understand that the person may be coming to the round from work, so it's impossible to demand him not to have laptop, watch, iphone, etc. The use of those devices should be prohibited during the game and we have ideas on how to control that. Yet I don't want to give all the details. There should be different rules for the top-events and regular ones [...]"

Garrett also underlined the Regulations should outline the overall number of referees who will work for the tournaments with Swiss format. Their number should be in direct percentage ratio to the number of participants.


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  • The FIDE Anti-Cheating Committee member Yuri Garret reflected on the recent publication on Chess-News stating that his words were wrongly translated from English:

    "I never said that we would be dead after not drinking alcohol for five days! I said that you cannot cure alcoholism by forbidding to drink, otherwise we would all be dead after five days."

  • FIDE website published the list of ten people who will be the members of the Anti-cheating Committee set up jointly with ACP:
    Klaus Deventer
    Laurent Freyd
    Yuri Garrett
    Israel Gelfer
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    Michalis Kaloumenos
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  • President of the Association of Chess Professionals Emil Sutovksy announced on his Facebook that, after reviewing all the candidacies and suggestions, the following five members have been nominated to represent ACP at it's joint Anti-Cheating committee with FIDE: IA Laurent Freyd, IO Yuri Garrett, GM Miguel Illescas, GM Konstantin Landa and IM Professor Kenneth Regan

  • 1) Banning the live transmission of the games (transmission permitted with one hour delay with). Now most of the chess websites offer their readers live transmission of the games, which are supported by the computer analysis (with the assessment of the position, best moves). Several seconds and you can cheat. The computers and phones are available everywhere and everyone can have them. The player may come to the game without any of the abovementioned devices, but he will find a way to cheat.

  • Konstantin Landa, the participant of the Baku Open held recently, shared his impressions on the competition on Chesspro. Namely, GM talked about the problem of cheating: in his opinion one of the participants of the Baku Open played suspiciously - "he was going to the rest room after almost every move."

  • As usual, all the truths of life are spoken in a taxi.

  • The interview with ACP representatives published in 40th Chess Olympiad's official site contains some abusive parts concerning my name therefore I have felt the urge to respond:

    1) I am a member of ACP since its foundation in the year of 2003, and I have become a member because of its name Association of Chess Professionals. I simply have to mention that the name became deceptive and over my 35 years career I have never heard about a chess professional called Yuri Garrett.

  • ACP President GM Emil Sutovsky has shared an open letter sent to FIDE. We offer it at full:

  • Two super tournaments are taking place in Europe these days: the 3rd stage of FIDE Grand Prix in Zug and Alekhine Memorial in Paris. None of them introduced any special measures for preventing cheating. Ilya Smirin who is commentating Alekhine Memorial has in particular stressed the absence of any kind of control over the participants of the Memorial.