Life After a Waterspout

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Rhodes two days before the start of the European Club Cups (PHОТО)

European Club Cups are held in Rhodes, Greece. Second round games are played today. Yet there are no surprises on the first boards, while the drawing brought together the favourites of the women's section already in round 2: French Monte Carlo faces Armenian Mika. Two other strong rivls are competing by side: Politechnika (Lagno, Cmilyte..)  - Ugra.

Most of the participants flew to Rhodes on October 19, but there also were those who took even more time for acclimatization. For instance, part of the SOCAR team checked in Rodos Palas several days earlier, much like women's team Ugra (this year it strengthened by Pogonina and Ushenina). 

Those who arrived earlier could observe an unusual "sightseeing". Pavel Lobach, the coach of Ugra, tells us how it was:

"Our team arrived at Rhodes on October 15. The Russian Superfinal finished on a previous day, so Pogonina and Kovanova needed some time to recover and adapt after a hard tournament. The weather was perfect up to two days, but I saw something incredible on October 17 after I woke up at 8 in the morning. There were several waterspouts in the sea, the water and the sky mixed, we saw thunder, black clouds, hurricane like wind... I have never seen such a rain before... the storm changed direction close to 10 o'clock and people started cleaning the area near the hotel." 

There was a cafe here.. Pipes made of steel are broken in two

The locals say it's an unusual thing here. Usually it's +30 at this time

Natalia Pogonina walks around the area. Photos by Pavel Lobach


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  • The European Club Cup among men and women teams starts in Rhodes, Greece. Last round is scheduled to October 26th. 

    The participants will live in Rodos Palace Hotel

    Check in

  • The French club Monte Carlo which consists of all three top wiomen players of the world except Judit Polgar didn't have any problems in the European Club Cup which is taking palce at Rhodes, Greece. The starry team is three points ahead of the nearest rival Ugra one round to go, which means they already won the tournament.  

  • One can doubt if the changes should be made in the format of the European Club Cup, but there's no doubt that something should be done with the women's section. Unfortunately, the women's competition contained no interest and eventually turned into a farce. 

  • RTCC amond men and women finished

  • Rhodes, Rodos Palace. This is where european Club Cup takes place. This is a nice photo taken by my colleague Elena Klimets. She always manages to bring out the very best parts.
    And in reality?
    Well, I would say if Vassily Ivanchuk was playing in this tournament, perhaps, he wouldn't repeat at the closing ceremony his famous phrase about piece of heavan on the earth.

  • In an interview in the Sport Express newspaper, Natalia Pogonina admitted that she was extremely tired, going into the final of the Women's World Championship in Sochi. "In the course of the championship, many of my games lasted over 60 moves, and, together with the tie-breaks, I played 20 games in all. There was hardly any time to rest. In the second game of the final, for the only time in the championship, my head just switched off completely.

  • The closing ceremony was held soon after Fabiano Caruana ensured win in Zurich Chess Challenge

  • The traditional internet team competition, the Ugra Governor's Cup, has started at 18.00 today on the Chess World portal. Every year the competition attracts the strongest internet teams from the former Soviet Union territories: the teams typically include more than 50 grandmasters and international masters.

  • Ashot Vardapetyan, the President of the team Mika (Erevan) is surprised by the fact that neither Armenian Ministry of Sports, nor chess Federation has reacted anyhow on the success the team achieved recently in Eilat. As you know, Mika took second place at the European Club Cup.

  • The new page of the old festival has been opened (PHOTOS)