Magnus Carlsen: "That's the System, That's the Way It Is"

Время публикации: 10.11.2013 19:08 | Последнее обновление: 10.11.2013 19:19

The 2nd match game between Anand and Carlsen lasted a bit longer than the first one, the result however, didn't change - the game was drawn.

At the press conference Vishy Anand confessed his rival's opening choice (Caro-Kann defense) was surprising for him, "It was a very complicated position. It was clear that he was into the details more than I was... I haven't focused my thoughts on Caro-Kann."

Carlsen was asked what he thinks of the world title being played in the match under such system, "What do you think of the competition system here, when you play 12 games, is that the best way to crown the world champion or could be other ways to create more exciting games?"

"I am not going to answer this question during the match, that's the system and that's the way it is," Carlsen smiled.

"What are you going to do on a free day?"

"I don't know yet. I am going to relax a bit after some tough games..."

[Event "WCh 2013"] [Site "Chennai IND"] [Date "2013.11.10"] [Round "2"] [White "Anand,V"] [Black "Carlsen,M"] [Result "1/2-1/2"] [WhiteElo "2775"] [BlackElo "2870"] [EventDate "2013.11.09"] [ECO "B18"] 1. e4 c6 2. d4 d5 3. Nc3 dxe4 4. Nxe4 Bf5 5. Ng3 Bg6 6. h4 h6 7. Nf3 e6 8. Ne5 Bh7 9. Bd3 Bxd3 10. Qxd3 Nd7 11. f4 Bb4+ 12. c3 Be7 13. Bd2 Ngf6 14. O-O-O O-O 15. Ne4 Nxe4 16. Qxe4 Nxe5 17. fxe5 Qd5 18. Qxd5 cxd5 19. h5 b5 20. Rh3 a5 21. Rf1 Rac8 22. Rg3 Kh7 23. Rgf3 Kg8 24. Rg3 Kh7 25. Rgf3 Kg8 1/2-1/2


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