Three Photos After the Fight

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The atmosphere after the battle is calm. Everyone is resting and waiting for the closing ceremony.

My morning started with a stranger out of my window.

Such things were never done when the match was still played. I will only note that if they had washed the glass which separated journalists from the players, I guess the photographers would have better photos.   


I borrowed this one from  Тarjei Svensen, as I didn't have any camera with me when walking back from the dinner. Nonetheless, I saw the same picture. Well, the only difference is that when I saw them, they all were sitting. All looked at Magnus's manager Espen Agdestein. Not just looked at him but listened to him carefully and even were writing down something. It seemed like some workshop or training was taking place. At that moment I thought that is some Norwegian team working for Carlsen, but accroding to Svensen those are Norwegian journalists. Well, the one doesn't necessarily exclude the other.        


Finally, the picture made half an hour ago, after the dinner.

Two members of Anand's team Peter Leko and Radoslaw Woijtaszek. These are their last minutes in Chennai, they were hurrying to the airport.

They lived and worked in the same hotel Hyatt Regency, on the 10th floor. Why no one has never seen them? Well, that's because they never went out anywhere. They had their dinners and suppers in the same place. According to Leko the team left the building only once after Game 7.   

They don't really look exhausted. They laugh and talk. They don't look too upset for leaving Chennai so early.


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