Anatoly Karpov: "Maybe Suddenly Mother Nature Will Become Generious and Present Us a New Genius..."

Время публикации: 28.11.2013 22:07 | Последнее обновление: 28.11.2013 22:07

Anatoly Karpov answered on several questions for after Magnus Carlsen won the world title match. Namely, Karpov was asked "Where are our chess prodigies like new Kasparovs, Karpovs and Kramniks?"

"As I, so Kasparov and Kramnik are the products of the other country. We are the products of the system which let the talents to expose. The system collapsed. We are still eating that bitter fruit of the breakdown of chess which happened in 90's.

There was a time when we had an extensive network of coach stuff: those were choosing talented youth on regional and municipal levels. That is not working now. At that time trade unions patroned chess. Now that support has vanished. Once chess was played by thousand hundred people in the country, now it is played by thousands. It's hard to find talents even on a pure statistical level!

Sure thing, prodigies are born and that just happens. Remember Bobby Fischer - I guess there was no chess craze in Brooklyn, but he still appeared. The same with Carlsen now... Well, maybe we should also be patient and wait: who knows, the mother nature may become generious and present us with a new genius in Russia.

Another question is that in anticipation of some favors from nature, we can finally lose our leadership positions. If there won't be support from the state and society, we should simply forget about champion's title as such." 




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