Vishy Anand: "I'm Not Retiring Yet"

Время публикации: 30.11.2013 20:40 | Последнее обновление: 30.11.2013 20:40

Vishy Anand gave an interview to IBN.

On a question how the former champion feels after losing the match: "It still hurts and will take some time but I feel much better now [...] Magnus is a versatile and diversed player with lot of resources and at times I forced him into aggressive position but couldn't manage to bring him out of his comfort zone."  

Anand noted that Carlsen deserved to win the match "The thing is Magnus is a different opponent with a different style and I could not figure him out. He also has a radical approach to chess and I couldn't find him out though I tried a strategy to neutralise his stronger points and it didn't work. All my strategies against him failed and he deserves to win, no ambiguity about that." Vishy also talked about his plans on future career: I certainly understand this defeat will be a milestone in my career and the loss of world title has impacted me but I'm not retiring yet," he said.


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