Uncompromising Match: Shirov vs. Dubov

Время публикации: 02.12.2013 20:17 | Последнее обновление: 02.12.2013 20:17

Boris Gelfand wished the participants to play bright chess

The opening ceremony of the match Shirov - Dubov was held in an unusual for chess venue in Moscow. VIDEO

Oleg Skvortsov is the sponsor of this friendly match. It consists of six classical games, in case of a draw the players will have to compete in blitz the every day of the game. The result of the blitz clash won't influence the score of the match but will be counted for the blitz rating, this was underlined by the experienced participant of the match.   

The games will be played at Technology center Digital October. The free day will be after the third game. The chief arbiter - Eduard Dubov is also 17-year-old Daniil's grandfather. 

The age difference between players is bigger than between Anand and Carlsen. Dubov's coach Sergey Shipov almost repeated Magnus's words when commenting on the match - although we learned a lot from Shirov, we are planning to present him several surprises in the match- he said.

Oleg Skvortsov passed the players Gelfand's wishes, according to him Israeli GM will closely follow the match. The former challenger wished Shirov and Dubov a lot of bright games.  



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