Anatoly Karpov to Play the Match of Four Rapid Games Against Jan Timman in Groningen

Время публикации: 20.12.2013 19:55 | Последнее обновление: 21.12.2013 15:42

A traditional 51st chess festival will be opened in Groningen today. Three open competitions will played. Three top players in the main one are: Maxime Rodshtein 2683, Evgeny Romanov 2654 and Erwin L'Ami 2645.
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Another highlight event will be Karpov - Timman match in rapid chess. IT will take place from December 26 - 29. 

Karpov and Timman are of the same generation. When Karpov was world number 1, Timman was among the strongest players in the world. At some time he was even the second in the world. In 1993 they played the FIDE world title match which finished in Karpov's favor (+6 -2=13) and Anatoly returned the title.  


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