Truth About FIDE-AGON Contract

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The questions by Peter Doggers:

1) The Memorandum has been signed by Andrew and Kirsan, so it must have been in effect at least for a short period. Please confirm this? Which period are we talking about?
2) When was it decided that this agreement would not be followed and on whose initiative?

Before anything else, let me strongly clarify that I was never a consultant of AGON and I have never received even 1 cent from AGON.

Concerning your questions:

1. I really do not have knowledge of the exact date/time this proposal was made, but it was some time in January 2012. It was never in effect because it was just one of the many proposals of Andrew which were rejected, for example at one point he also suggested that FIDE itself takes over 51% of AGON. In the end, Andrew finally decided to proceed on his own risk and in February 2012 the final contract was signed and was also uploaded on the FIDE website as a public document.

2. As stated above, these discussions and negotiations were taking place sometime in January 2012. It was understood by all sides that neither FIDE nor Kirsan could be involved as shareholders of AGON and that no FIDE official could be hired by AGON as there is an obvious conflict of interest. Kirsan finally decided not to be involved in the ownership of AGON, although he loves to support chess and we all know that he has spent millions of dollars in the past to encourage similar projects (FIDE Commerce with Tarasov, Global Chess with Bessel Kok, etc.) without ever receiving anything back.

Andrew has also clarified the above issue in his reply here to Kevin Spragget's post where Andrew says that:

"Mr. Makropoulos (Deputy President of FIDE) is not and has never been a consultant for AGON and he has never received any money from AGON. The proposal in the draft Memorandum was rejected by Mr. Makropoulos, who insisted that no one at FIDE should be paid by AGON and that Mr. Ilyumzhinov should not be a shareholder in the company".

I hope the above helps you to clarify the story which is presented so unfairly to Kirsan and FIDE by other blogs and websites.

On an additional comment, let me say that this is an obvious attempt of Garry's campaign to drive the attention away from the Kasparov/Leong scandalous contract involving votes of national federations. It is also no coincidence that after his meeting with Garry in November 2013, the FIDE Vice-President Lewis Ncube from Zambia issued an open letter with title "Africa is not for sale".


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