GM Karjakin Thinks All the Trainings "Went Brilliantly: Fitness Coach, Masseur and Four Chess Coaches"

Время публикации: 06.03.2014 20:34 | Последнее обновление: 06.03.2014 20:34

Several days before the Candiates' start GM Karjakin gave an interview to Kirill Znagalis for the company Alpari. 

GM told about his way to chess, about his attitude towards the reigning world champion, his opponents in the tournament and of his level of preparation. 

"The Candidates' is perhaps the most important event in any chess player's career. Not everyone manages to qualify, so I am very glad that I am in. The company Alpari helped me in that, because it was connected with costs for the coaches, trainings... I wouldn't reach it without help.

Now I already had several trainings, four coaches worked with me. In addition I had a masseur and the fitness coach. I had a whole team of those helping me. I hope their work wasn't in vain. It's hard for me to give an unconditional promise that I will win - all the rivals are very strong, all of them will strive for the victory. It won't be a tragedy if I won't win, but I should at least try.  

My last training session was held in a warm country. We swam, played volleyball, did a lot of sports and other stuff... It may seem a bit strange that we had the training at the warm country despite the fact that now I will have to play in Khanty-Mansiysk, but as long as I am from Crimea, I get a lot of energy from the sea. I think all went brilliantly, I feel great, I am full of strength and I will try to convert it into chess results." 

* * *   

Recently we informed you that Rustam Kasymdzhanov will be helping Karjakin in Khanty-Mansiysk, Yury Dokhoian and Alexander Motylev will assist him on distance. 


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