Carlsen on Candidates': Impressed by Anand, Aronian Let Go Chance to Be Runaway Winner

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Magnus Carlsen shared impressions on the Candidates' after six rounds. 

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About Svidler
"Svidler has played pretty well so far. He claimed that he was very lucky against Topalov, well, he didn't play the opening very well but I think from there on he played very energetically. He has lost to Aronian, but that can happen to anyone." 

About Anand
"I am really impressed by what Anand has done so far. Of course his win against Aronian was very good, very very good technique - [he won] almost by techniques only and that is really rare against Aronian. [...] Also his game against Mamedyarov was very impressive. He played very very powerfully; [there were] no waiting moves, each move had its point. [...] I was also impressed by his game against Andreikin, he just played a very good, sound chess. He got normal, perhaps slightly worse position after the opening, then gradually outplayed Andreikin. He didn't get serious winning chances but it was clear who was playing the better chess in that game. I don't really understand why to offer a draw but there was nothing much there..."

About Kramnik
"I think Kramnik wasn't psychologically ready for the game against Topalov. It was obviously a blow for him. [Espen Agdestein suggested that Kramnik's play might have been influenced by his yesterday's game against Aronian in which he failed to convert his advantage -CN] Well, yeah but it's just one of the things you need to be good at chess, and I think that it's one of the things that I do very well - you always need to adjust to the new circumstances; you cannot let what happened earlier in the game or in a game before - you cannot let it effect you to such degree. I think KRamnik's play today was too emotional."

About Topalov
"...Topalov played very well [against Kramnik]. He's a very good player. He showed enterprising preparation today and also yesterday."

About Karjakin
"He is very solid. Kramnik played a very very good game against him. Other games were pretty normal draws. I don't think it's likely that he'll make a come back." 

About Aronian
"I still think the only candidate for being a runaway winner is Aronian. If he had won today against Andreikin, and I think he should have done so, he would be a definite candidate for running away tournament. Now, I already don't think so. I think it's going to go down to the wire and it could have been that +3 is enough to win, like it was last time, but the one key lesson we learnt last time is - anything can happen."


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