Sutovsky Answers Karjakin's "Surprising Statement"

Время публикации: 27.03.2014 20:31 | Последнее обновление: 27.03.2014 20:31

Emil Sutovsky, ACP president, answers GM Karjakin on his Facebook page:

"Karjakin's statement was surprising. "Why do we play the tournament with such a stupid time control? What do I pay ACP for? Why isn't it protecting chess players' right?"

First of all, Karjakin (as everyone else) didn't pay ACP a cent in 2012-2013, he confirmed his membership for 2014 only three weeks ago and also paid the membership fees. While we worked regardless the contributions.

Second, and this is even more important: the decision to have time controls only with the increment in all formats (classical/rapid/blitz) starting from the next cycle was made by the World Championship and Olympiad Commission last year exactly on my initiative.

Moreover, I announced about this decision publicly.

As long as the Grand Prix Series 2012-2013 was played with the time control with no increment, it was decided to play the Candidates' with the same time control and there's some logic in that.

Anyways, one could ask for clarifications after the Regualtions of the tournament was published - I guess, dozens of players can confirm that their inquiries on any subject, which is at least indirectly connected to ACP's work, NEVER stay unanswered." 


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