Nigel Short: "Carlsen Will Still Win but I Think It Will Be a Much More Exciting Contest"

Время публикации: 01.04.2014 22:03 | Последнее обновление: 02.04.2014 02:51

GM Nigel Short assessed Anand's win as "an incredible comeback". "He played very well and thoroughly deserved his victory," The Times of India quotes Englishman.

Short spoke of Anand's chances against Carlsen:

"I think he will do a lot better in the rematch. I'm not going to say he will win but I think he will play more aggressively and in a less constrained manner. He looked like somebody who was afraid of losing the world title but now that he has lost it, I think his chess will have aggressive freedom. 

Maybe the world title was too heavy a burden on him. Probably he was suffering from fear of defeat for a long time and this has been constraining his chess. Instead of trying to win, he was trying to hold on to what he has. That is normally a dangerous thing to do. 

I think it will be a closer match. I will say Carlsen will still win but I think it will be a much more exciting contest." 


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