Favourites Win

Время публикации: 14.04.2014 20:42 | Последнее обновление: 14.04.2014 20:48

RTCC amond men and women finished

Russian Team Championships finished in Loo. The photos of the award ceremony are available on our website thanks to our photo correspondent Mikhail Sholudko.

The favourites won in men's and women's sections: Malakhit and Ugra accordingly. The team Ugra under Naum Rashkovsy's guidance is winning for the second year in a raw. Alexander Grischuk of Malakhit was the best on Board 2 gathering 6 out of 7. In women's section Cmilyte (Board 1 at Ugra) and Charochkina (4th board "ShSM") scored 5 out of 6.

Noteworthy is that only four teams competed for the cup, never before has been the number of participants so low.

As usually best four men's teams qualified for the European Club Cup which will take place in Bilbao. The fight was tense till the very end of the competition. Best four teams are: Malakhit, ShSM - Our Heitage, SPB Chess Federation and University. The team from Belorechensk was only sixth according to the rating, but eventually took a confident fourth place.  


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