Vladimir Kramnik: "I am Not Available for Any Offers Throughout Next Two Months"

Время публикации: 14.04.2014 21:46 | Последнее обновление: 14.04.2014 22:27

In an interview to Chesspro GM Kramnik was asked whether he would agree to help Anand in the upcoming WC match against Carlsen if he got such a request: 

"Honeslty I have no idea. I haven't thought of that at all. I have my own plans connected to rest... After such a tough competition and preparation which was tiresome, I want to recover. I definitely won't be available for any offers throughout the next two months and then we will see. If Vishy offers, I may think of that..."

In Kramnik's opinion the second world title match between Anand and Carlsen will differ from the first one: 

"Firstly Vishy that we saw in Fall and Vishy who won the Candidates' are two different players. He has definitely overcome the drowsiness that messed up his play for the last several years. Secondly, despite a quite rough loss, he gained the experience he needed before the match in Chennai. It was clear that Anand was afraid to play, he was afraid of making mistakes and he was constantly rechecking himself.. Logically the challenger has to be nervous while playing the match, but in this case he was the one anxious. Now he just has nothing to lose, so Vishy will have a psychological initiative. This might help him to play better. 

You should keep in mind that Anand has a huge match playing experience. He has to examine Carlsen keenly, understand his weaknesses and know how to use them... In the first match he made a bunch of absolutely obvious mistakes in choosing the tactics, those could be easily avoided. I don't know why Vishy went in quite comfortable for Carlsen positions, just like the victim ready to slaughter. But what is done cannot be undone. 

I will be very surprised if Anand won't manage to concentrate and we will see the second "chillout" loss. I have no doubts that this match will be much more interesting... I am sure there will be a lot of middle game positions, a battle of nerves - we won't be observing Chennai 2."


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