Shamkir, Round 5. Photo Report LIVE

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Shamkir. The best pastime in the first half of the day must be walking in the city, enjoying surroundings, sunshine and fresh air. 

The hotel Excelsior hosts the participants of both A and B groups, coaches and journalists. It's nice inside, but it is even better outside, in the surroundings.

The straight streets in the city intersact to form angles of 90 degrees. This is easily explained: in XiX and early XX century the Germans lived here. The city, or rather the village was known as Annenfeld. Since 1914 is was named Annino. Since 1937 - Shamkor. 
In 1944, Shamkhor was given the city status. In 1991, the historical name of the city was restored.


Alexey Dreev visited the biggest but not the only park in the city. 

Another cosy place where we drank the tea brewed in samovar heated with coal. 

* * *

Awaiting the world champion...

The world champion arrived when the arbiter already announced the start of the round.

* * *

Henrik Carlsen follows his son's game in the press center and again hopes for a miracle... 

Sergey Karjakin heading to the rest day.


Yet Radjabov was in the shadow - he made four draws and then suddenly became the leader striking a point. And what a point - he defeated Carlsen! 

After the press conference Radjabov was surrounded by his fans.

He gave the only commentary in Russian to NTV-plus Channel and quickly left the place accompanied by the guards. 

* * *

One interesting detail: after the game Henrik Carlen approached the director of the tournament Jabbarov and congratulated him with Radjabov's victory.

I am sure he would shake hands with Fakhriyar once again if he was there when Mamedyarov defeated Caruana. 


Shakhriyar was last to receive congratulations this evening.


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