RCF President Filatov Is Nomintaned For FIDE Vice-President

Время публикации: 15.05.2014 21:58 | Последнее обновление: 15.05.2014 21:58

The Supervisory Board of Russian Chess Federation unanimously nominated Andrey Filatov for the post of the Vice-President of FIDE. The elections are scheduled to take place in August in Tromso following FIDE presidential elections. 

Andrei Filatov. Image - ITAR-TASS

According to the official annoucnement this will be the first time a candidate from Russia is up for election by a voting procedure "since in accordance with the rules of FIDE a candidate for the post of vice-president can also be appointed by decision of the elected head of FIDE or can be elected as part of the president’s team. Andrei Filatov is being nominated through the democratic election route – the congress delegates will examine his candidacy and hold a vote."

The announcement also contains a brief biography of the candidate:

"Andrey Filatov was born in 1971. Candidate for Master of Sports of the USSR in chess. Graduated from the Academy of Physical Education and Sport of the Republic of Belarus and qualified as a “Chess coach”.

Entrepreneur, transport infrastructure investor. Since 2011, a member of the Economic Council of the Franco-Russian Chamber of Commerce (CCIFR). Within activity in CCIFR he contributes to the development of economic relations between Russia and France and focuses on strengthening of business partnership and mutual cultural exchange. One of the participants in a joint project with the Louvre Museum (Paris), aimed at creating a permanent exhibition of Russian art in the leading museum of France, and a project with the State Russian Museum (Saint Petersburg), which supports the programmes of the Museum (2013).

Initiator and sponsor of the FIDE World Chess Championship (Moscow, 2012). Initiator and sponsor of an international chess tournament “Alekhine Memorial” (Paris, Saint Petersburg, 2013)."


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