Muzychuk Anna on Her Return to Ukrainian Federation and Maidan

Время публикации: 21.05.2014 22:37 | Последнее обновление: 21.05.2014 22:37

The website published the interview with Anna Muzychuk. Namely she talked of her decision to change the federation:   

"I had a conflict with the Ukrainian chess federation: I became Ukrainian champion when I was 13 and they promised a lot but fulfilled nothing. The then-president Slovenian Boris Kutin offered me a place in the Slovenian team and I agreed. And this year I became the world champion on APril 28 and returned to Ukrainian federation. By the way, my father had a birthday on April 29, so this was kind of a present. I wanted to come back to the Ukrainian federation for a long and especially that my sister is playing for Ukraine and it's better for us to be together. Then the president of the federation has changed, now that is Viktor Kapustin, so the atmosphere has changed and now there's a better attitude towards chess players."

On Kateryna Lagno's decision to change federation:
"I don't want to blame her. She didn't change the federation (Lagno moved to Russian federation) because of politics. This could have been settled much earlier when the situation wasn't that tough between Ukraine and Russia. In a peaceful time no one would pay attention to that, but now it was a terrible concidence."

About Maidan:
"I was at Maidan as in Lviv so in Kiev. I find the idea of Maidan to be good as there must be justice. Nothing can really justify such a great number of victims. By the way that guy from Stryi Yuri Djakovsky, who was brutally killed in Slavyansk was my class mate. He even visited us for playing chess. That's how it is. I am really upset that all developed in that way. As to comparisons in chess you have a concrete opponent and criteria, while in that "game" there are no rules. That's why it is hard to develop a strategy in that war."  


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