Virtuoso of Attack Dragoljub Velimirovic Has Passed Away

Время публикации: 24.05.2014 01:05 | Последнее обновление: 24.05.2014 01:36

The famous Serbian GM Dragoljub Velimirovic has passed away in Belgrade at the age of 72 after a prolonged illness.

The website of the Serbian chess federation presents some facts from famous GM's biography. 

Dragoljub Velimirovic was born on May 12 1942 in Valjevo, however, he lived in Belgrade from the early childhood. He was introduced to chess at the age of seven by his mother Jovanka Velimirović (1910–1972), who was one of Yugoslavia's leading women chess players before World War II. He has lived in Belgrade since 1960. FIDE awarded him the International Master title in 1972 and Grandmaster title in 1973. He has won the Yugoslav Chess Championship three times, in Vrnjacka Banja 1970 (with Milan Vukić), in Novi Sad 1975 (outright) and in Nikšić/Belgrade 1997 (also outright). Velimirović was selected for the Yugoslav national team many times, one of the earliest occasions being for the USSR vs Yugoslavia match at Ohrid 1972, during which he notably defeated Rafael Vaganian in the first round.

At the European Team Championship between 1970 and 1977 he excelled, winning a number of silver and bronze medals, both for individual and team performances. At the Chess Olympiad in Nice 1974, he took two silver medals (one team, one individual) scoring 9 out of 12. A further silver medal followed from his participation at the World Team championship in Lucerne 1989...

Velimirovic's style of play required a lot of energy: he preferred complicated positions. At the peak of his career he was considered a master of attack. There is a sharp variation of the Sicilian Defence called the Velimirovic Attack.

The farewell ceremony with Velimirovic will be held on May 26. 


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