Neither Caruana Nor Karjakin Ready to Challenge World Champion - Kasparov

Время публикации: 03.06.2014 19:57 | Последнее обновление: 03.06.2014 19:57

Garry Kasparov joined the live broadcast of the NorwayChess supertournament which is taking place in Stavanger. The former world champion and candidate for FIDE president shared his impressions on the now-played games and answered different questions including the political ones. 

Namely, Kasparov was asked if Caruana and Karjakin have progressed in recent years:

"Depends on what do you mean under progress," Kasparov specified. Yet he doesn't consider any of the mentioned players as the challengers for the title. "I may seem too exacting but being a grandmaster with 2750+ ELO and challenging the world champion are different things." 

Kasparov wasn't impressed by Karjakin's performance at Candidates. "If one dreams of the title having just decent results is not enough, one should be winning the strongest events. Is he actually winning such?"


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