Olympiad, Day 1. Photo Report. LIVE

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First playing day at Olympiad. As predicted all is not... perfect.

That very building of the brewery where the competition is held. Sometimes they call it a "basement" or a "depot".

Аnd where's the entrance for the press? I found it only after walking around the building twice.

...This is a press room. The chairs I should say do not hold up to any criticism. 

Аnd how should the media workers get to the playing hall? It turned out it was impossible today. Well, the only way was to get out of the press room and enter the hall through the entrance for the players.  

Five minutes prior to the beginning of the round. It was clear the first move wouldn't be played on 15.00 pm.

Everyone is strictly searched. No electronic devices are allowed to be taken in the hall. Those who didn't leave them at the hotel can leave it at the cloakroom. 

So here I am at the basement. Sorry, in the playing hall. Let's search for familiar faces.

Neither Nigel short, nor other members of the team seem very happy with the situation. 

The team of Netherlands is guided by Vladimir Tukmakov

Alexander Onischuk and Gata Kamsky (USA)

Anton Korobov (Ukraine)

Kateryna Lagno and Alexandra Kosteniuk (Russia)

FIDE Congress delegate Alexander Kostiev warmly greets the arbiter Elisabeta Polihroniades

Sergey Karjakin, Kirill Zangalis. We already know what is written on the jacket, but the writing on the t-shirt is not seen. Is that Kirsan written there?  

Yury Dokhoyan: the hardest times are ahead.

The most serious board.

As the round hasn't started yet, Zurab Sturua discusses things with Arshak Petrosian.

Georgians ready to fight

The meeting

The start has been delayed for so long that someone already got sleepy

Eventually, everyone got to the place and Kirsan Ilyumzhinov together with Siv Jensen the Minister of culture of Norway made first moves on the third playing table (where the team of Norway was placed). The Ministry of Culture of Norway covered 75% of the expenses.  

Garry Kasparov with his daughter. It seemed that the famous champion and FIDE presidential candidate was somewhat deprived of the attention of press.

Chess-News camera and RCF president's gaze met each other.

* * *

And on the bright side of the things, journalists are offered snacks. 

There's even vegetarian soup in the pot you can see in the background.

Drinks. Well, the coffee machine poured some stuff which tasted terrible, instead of cappuccino, but let's hope this happened only once and it will improve with the time. 

To be continued...


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