What Were the Inspectors Looking At?

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(Translation from Russian - CN)

I guess after the second playing day it is time to call a spade a spade. 

It looks like a shameful Olympiad. I say this with regret because the organizers themselves are quite nice, ready to listen and help to solve any problem. For instance in the previous photo report I complained there's no way made for the journalists to go to the playing hall from the press room. Today such a passage was organized, however, it will be opened for only 30 minutes before the round begins and will be closed 10 minutes after it starts. The journalists are allowed to get where the spectators gather afterwards. Well, not bad either.

I'll try to outline two reasons why the Olympiad yet is not making happy everyone:   

1. The organizers had no idea of what they've got involved into from the very start. The budget connected questions are a different topic but what is more important Norwegians have no experience of organizing such events. So, they had to organize it in Tromso where there was just no better place to host the event than an old building of a brewery. 

2. We (I'll risk to mean most of the guests under 'we') have absolutely different than Norwegians understanding of the things and prices. For instance, in my ('our') understanding the 8 square room without a single dresser, without lunch or dinner can't cost $140 per night. Just because it can't. In Norwegians' understanding it can! The same is with chess: we had our idea of how should the minimal conditions look for the event of such level, while Norwegians are obviously thinking that the guests should be satisfied with what they are offered. This is Tromso! Europe, civilization, got it? It's quiet and peaceful here, the climate is mild... Just beautiful!

So, my question is rather for the FIDE inspectors than the organizers: what were you looking at while inspecting? You worked so well that all the problems are seen now during the Olympiad but were not mentioned before the event has started. So, now we the guests are forced to be inspectors here.  

* * *

This is how the toilets look like. Bio-toilets. 

Someone visited it and rushed away immediately. Not only one player complained about that already yesterday. 

I took these photos already today, before the round started.

So I should say, there was no too disturbing smell, just an ordinary bio-smell. One can stand it for some ten seconds and then it depends on your organism's pecularities. 

Yet Chinese girls need no Hou Yifan's help.

Today the players go inside the hall much quicker so some even had to wait for the start of the round for some 20-30 minutes. 

One of those was Ivanchuk who sensationally lost against a young player from Norway 2 team today.

* * *

The Olympiad in Baku is much anticipated...


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