Ilyumzhinov Is Reelected

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"Kasparov guarantees 10 million dollars, I guarantee 20!"

FIDE has a new old president, 172 countries voted in Tromso today. Both candidates got 25 minutes for their speeches before the voting started, but both used less time to agitate.

We have been covering the General Assembly meeting live on our Twitter page. Below you can find exctracts from the speeches, comments made by the candidates and other moments captured by evgeny Surov who attended the meeting. 

Garry Kasparov was first to present his ticket and program. Check out some of the tweets we made during the event. 

Kasparov reminds these are elections of one person but of a team.

"I have played a lot of games but never was I as nervous as now before the elections."

Kasparov thanked Ilyumzhinov "for the work he has done" and noted that it is time for him [Ilyumzhinov - CN] to give way to others which would only contribute to chess development. 

"FIDE needs sponsors. I won't agitate now, just open my program and read..."

"Our promises on FIDE sponsorship will start working already from tomorrow"

Kasparov says memeber of his ticket Rex Sinquefield guarantees availability of10 million dollars already tomorrow. 

"We won't have FIDE First, but FEDERATIONS First" (applause)

Then Kasparov presented members of his ticket.

"You are not going to have any fear tomorrow. Future starts already tomorrow."

Then it was Kirsan Ilyumzhinov's time to present his ticket and program. 

Ilyumzhinov started presenting his ticket, first is Makropoulos.

"My program is very short and yo uknow it since 1995. My work has been open for 19 years"

"Not TOMORROW but already TODAY  I am opening fund for chess development in Africa. I already invested $500 000" (wild applause)

Then Ilyumzhinov noted although "Rex Sinquefield is good" still "Russia and Kalmykia also have rich people..."

"...and not TOMORROW but TODAY I guarantee 20 million dollars!" (ovation and laughter simultaneously heard in the hall

Ilyumzhinov continues entertaining audience enjoying wild applause, "I would liek to sponsor Kasparov's fund!"

Ilyumzhinov offers Nigel Short to be the director of the fund for chess development in Africa.

"Thank you very much, Gens una sumus" some stood to applaud Ilyumzhinov.

After the speech some of the delegates wondered what would Ilyumzhinov say if he had to present his program before Kasparov... 

RESULT: Ilyumzhinov - 110 votes, Kasparov - 61.


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