Some Two Deaths. Should That Matter?

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Kurt Meier of Seychelles has died during his last round game. 

The closing  ceremony started with a minute of silence. Immediately after Kirsan Ilyumzhinov with his usual readymade smile read the speech from the draft. No condolences, no words to sympathize with the dead chess player. 

Well, really - just one death of someone from some Seychelles, should it count anyhow? Can it be compared to the spectacular "crushing Kasparov on all fronts"? Ilyumzhinov's improvised talent is only enough for answering on Kasparov's 10 millions with twenty, but not for  the words to sympathize with the tragedy.

A draft speech and just "Gens Una Sumus".  

* * *

Another player Аlisher Anarkulov passed away after the ceremony. No words of condolence have been published on FIDE website since then. 

I heard or saw only one top player who paid attention to what has happened. Strange is this American Nakamura... Stands out from this harmonious Family. 

(UPD. Teimour Radjabov also wrote words of condolences. This is the last update in this text).

* * *  

I may have missed something while watching the award ceremonies of the previous Olympiads, but I hardly can remember awarding teams by categories. Two teams were awarded in A category (which apparently comes after Open and Women's sections): Georgian women's team and Russian men's team. Not all players came to the ceremony in the latter; only Ian Nepomniachtchi seemed to keep his sense of humour. 

Natalia Zhukova took gold on the 4th board, Kosteniuk on the 3rd. 

Gunina took gold on the second board!

We got somewhat surprising results in 
an Open section: on the first boards: 1. Veselin Topalov 2. Michael Adams 3. Аnish Giri 4. Shakhriyar Mamedyarov... Can you recall what unites them?

All four play for SOCAR-Azerbaijan and Bilbao is not that far away you know.

The third place of the Indian team without Anand is almost as surprising as Anand's win in the Candidates. 

Hungary takes silver!

Great Judit Polgar who just recently announced her retirement from the competitive chess is definitely happy for this medal. 

Chinese celebrate and I guess no other Olympiad has heard the sounds they uttered. 

Ukrainian women managed to take bronze.

Chinese women's team is like Russian men's team - no gold since 2004. 

And the cup for Russian women from Kirsan Ilyumzhinov's hands. The vice-president of RCF Igor Levitin whose main occupation is the post of the assitant of Vladimir Putin is also here.  

"Chess players have a good memory." This theory has been proved by the Russian women players headed by Lagno who - it seemed to me fluently - sang Russian anthem. 

* * *

On the final part of the ceremonythe flag of the Olympiad has been passed to Azerbaijan - the host of the next event. 

Jagub Ejubov the first deputy minister of Azerbaijan is on the scene. As you know The World Cup 2015 and Olympiad 2016 will be held in Baku. 

Special thanks to Dаvid LIada for the last four photos.


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