Oleksandr Sulypa: "Super Talented Players Are Leaving and That's the Problem of the Ukrainian Team"

Время публикации: 18.08.2014 20:32 | Последнее обновление: 18.08.2014 20:32

The chief coach of the Ukrainian me's team told about the problems the team is facing:

"The main problem is that the super talented players are leaving us," xport.ua quotes Oleksandr Sulypa. "Yaroslav Zherebukh moved to US for studying, Ilya Nizhnyk from Vinnytsia also entered college in Texas. Those talented players leave because there us no financial support. This is a great problem. If talking about renewing the team it's not ruled out that Yury Kryvoruchko from Lvov the reigning champion of Ukraine will be playing for our team."

The Ukrainian men's team finished sixth at Tromso Olympiad. "We didn't win any of the last three matches," Sulypa recalls. "Have we gathered at least one extra point we could finish second. Usually Ivanchuk shows best result in our team but this time his performane was unsuccessful. It was physically hard for him, he couldn't stand the tension. the playing hall was too stuffy, there simply was not enough air to breathe. The venue wasn't suitable for sports events, there had to be either a gym hall or at least a school hall. There were too many people in such a small building, so the reasons different from purely chess also influenced the results." 

"Am I surprised that China won? Well, China always was among the leaders. They could win last time too for instance but back then they lost 1-3 in the last round. We usually defeat them in personal matches, while they gather points defeating weak teams. Well, as to India taking bronze - that's the drawing. They faced not a single top team, while we played with the strongest all the time..."  


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