Sergey Rublevsky: "Generally We Never Had Anyone Saying "I Won't Play"

Время публикации: 19.08.2014 21:22 | Последнее обновление: 19.08.2014 21:31

The chief coach of the Russian women's team Sergey Rublevsky told why women's results in team competitions are usually better than in individual tournaments. In addition the coach described the atmosphere inside the Olympic team:

"Maybe that is largely due to patriotism?," Chesspro quotes Rublevsky. "All of the girls are patriots in a good sense. They put aside ambitions during the Olympiad and as you can see, even show the results higher than in the individual competitions. Let's take first boards of china. Hou Yifan is the world champion, Ju Wenjun surpasses all of our players in the Grand Prix Series, nonetheless, we at the very least look not any worse than them in the team competitions.

How did we manage to create such atmosphere? We are free from egoism, none of the players thinks of her personal result, although we have won individual medals too. For instance, Olga Girya had to play five games as black in a row! We've got the same color and had to replace someone, so... That surely contributes not to the individual result, but no one objected! If you have to play - you will! Generally we never had anyone saying "I won't play." 

According to Rublevsky there's a relative harmony in the women's team: "We have no clearly segregated players, like those only focusing on white or black color, or usually getting into the time trouble... also, no individualists! Everything is dedicated to the team purposes!"


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