FIDE Official Geoffrey Borg: "There Is Always the Proviso the President Can Change Regulations"

Время публикации: 24.08.2014 20:18 | Последнее обновление: 24.08.2014 20:23

Georgian chess player Lela Javakhishvili drew ACP's attention towards the violations of the regualtions of the women's Grand Prix Series 2013-2014 by FIDE. Namely, paragraph 6.4 has been violated because the replacement for the players who withdrawn has not been selected from the top 40 players.

The ACP president Emil Sutovsky informed he has sent an inquiry to the CEO of FIDE Geoffrey Borg. Below you can find FIDE official's response: 

"Regarding GP we have had to replace in Tashkent with a player who was not top 40 but again there is always the proviso that the Presidential Board, represented by the President can change regulations. Similarly now in Sharjah, we have replaced with Zhu Chen and L'Ami to reduce their impact at such a critical stage.

We prefer to add a player who will not have an influence on the tournament particularly since she is hors concours. Also the time window is very small and we find the first available player who can satisfactorily fill the above requirements.

However for future regulations the "Top 40" should be removed to stop any such complaints. We can also review article 6.3 accordingly."

Sutovsky adds he "on behalf of the ACP, have already informed Mr. Borg and WCOC members about my disagreement": "We can't change the line-up of the event that starts today. But we will demand to stop violating the rules, and expect from FIDE an acknowledgement of the fact, that the things were mishandled this time. In regards to the Women's World Championship - if there won't be any update by tomorrow - the ACP Board on Aug 27 will decide upon our actions."


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